Modern Classics

This is a hands-on cocktail making course focused on classic cocktails and their modern-day equivalents. Standards that are the backbone of most bars as well as some more elusive yet seriously respected will be covered. We will look at the background, methods, and special techniques required to master each drink. A total of a minimum of 20 modern classics will be made, tasted, reviewed in detail, and perfected in this course.

Your take-away from this course will be an arsenal of essential standards and classics and how to properly make them well. With repeated practice, the details necessary to craft each cocktail in a professional and superior way will become part of your bartending experience. This is truly a course that is necessary for the professional bartender or the home cocktail enthusiast that needs to be on the top of his or her game.

Before attending this course you must meet or exceed all of the following prerequisites:

Because cocktails will be made in this class, it is required that all students first take the BARTENDER BASICS course.

Also required is METHOD-BASED COCKTAIL CLASS. This can be taken alongside MODERN CLASSICS.

All materials necessary for the class will be provided. Students are required to bring a small notebook and pen to class and are expected to take notes throughout. Course handouts and study guide will also be provided to each student. A certificate of completion will be given to each student who successfully passes the course.

Each class is 2 hours. One class will be held per day over 4 consecutive days. The total time required is 8 hours.

Class 1: Monday, Jan 22, 2018; 6:00-8:00pm
Class 2: Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018; 6:00-8:00pm
Class 3: Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018; 6:00-8:00pm
Class 4: Thursday, Jan 25, 2018; 6:00-8:00pm

All course schedules are subject to change.

The course and all its materials will be administered in English.

The course fee is 8000 THB. Payment must be made in full via bank transfer or onsite no later than 1 week prior to start of course.

About the Instructor

Joseph Boroski calls himself a Mixsultant™. This is meant to express (as best as one word can) his deep passion for cocktail culture and his role as one of the world’s prominent bar consultants. He is the founder of BAR:School and the namesake of J.Boroski in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Passionate about quality ingredients and premium spirits, Joseph is frequently globe-trotting with a straightforward and all- important two-part plan: searching the earth for what’s new, what’s different, what’s next in the international bar scene; and sharing the knowledge and the experience.