Ice 101

This course focuses on what comes before the cocktail. You will thoroughly cover types of cocktail ice and their application, making clear ice, ice dissolution, carving, and hygiene. Carefully guided hands-on work with ice is the basis of this class with the goal to get each attending student to better understand and utilize what many professional bartenders consider the most important ingredient in any cocktail.

History of ice and cocktails
Types of cocktail ice
Applications of different types of ice
The frozen pond theory and making clear ice
Ice carving
Using hand-cut ice in classic cocktails
Food safety—Ice and hygiene 

Students will know and understand the history and stories of ice in cocktails and the theories behind making clear ice and the useful applications of those theories. Utilizing professional ice tools, students will be able to carve balls, spheres, and gems out of ice and be able to apply these skills in their bar. Students will be able to apply the different applications used for ice in cocktails.

Before attending this course you must meet or exceed all of the following prerequisites:

Because cocktails will be made in this class, it is required that all students first take the BARTENDER BASICS course.

All materials necessary for the class will be provided. Students are required to bring a small notebook and pen to class and are expected to take notes throughout. Course handouts and study guide will also be provided to each student. A certificate of completion will be given to each student who successfully passes the course.

Each class is 2 hours. One class will be held per day over 3 consecutive days. The total time required is 6 hours.

Class 1: Tuesday, May 2, 2017; 12:00-2:00pm
Class 2: Wednesday, May 3, 2017; 12:00-2:00pm
Class 3: Thursday, May 4, 2017; 12:00-2:00pm

All course schedules are subject to change.

The course and all course materials will be administered in English.

The course fee is 15,000 THB. Payment must be made in full via bank transfer or onsite no later than 1 week prior to start of course.


About the Instructor

Currently the world brand ambassador for Iron Balls gin and mixing drinks behind the bar at Iron Balls and Sing Sing, Carson is a new implant to Bangkok. He is the creator of dozens of cocktail menus the world over. His career began its climb wile providing the highest level of quality and guest service at The St. Regis and then Mercbar in Phoenix, AZ. His creativity grew while working directly with Tony Conigliaro in London with the Roka Zuma group. He refined his ice carving skills and developed more of his ice knowledge while in Tokyo working as the bar manager of Iron Fairies in Ginza.