Louis Vuitton Liquid Gold

My Press Statement, as Cocktail Creator for Asia's fashion party of the year:

Celebration on Friday, March 14th, 2008; Hong Kong.


Two distinctive Maisons, each possessing its own sensibilities yet linked together in the spirit of luxury and artistic pursuits, are the destinations for a “unique voyage” for a few chosen “travelers”, in celebration of Hong Kong, the fashion capital of Asia.

Since its first store in Hong Kong in 1979, Louis Vuitton has continuously morphed with the retail landscape of Hong Kong, in tandem with the city’s growth. One of the most memorable groundbreaking moments was when the Malletier chose Hong Kong as one of its celebration sites for its 150th anniversary celebration

For this occasion, the tone of “gold” has been chosen to illustrate the spiritual connection between these two Maisons. The warmer tones of yellow gold at Canton Road provides a contrast to the white gold ambience of the Landmark, yet both pay homage to the pursuit of luxury through flawless craftsmanship and the use of precious materials that makes Louis Vuitton renowned.

To celebrate the inauguration of the Canton Road Maison, we are happy to create a special gold cocktail that symbolizes this celebration of Hong Kong and which will be served throughout the event. The mix of East and West, with its tantalizing flavours adds a golden touch to ones palette.


Belvedere Vodka—100% gold rye Polish vodka
Mandarin—Oriental fruit, very Chinese, delicate
Ginger and Mandarin Zest syrup—
Mandarin Zest—strength, subtle edge
Ginger—spice and staple flavor of the East
Turmeric—gold, spice, unifying
Lime—balance, classic, complete
Gold—luxury, precious

This thus is the perfect way to celebrate Hong Kong.