Sham's Winston

Okay, I'm back. Updating the blog while traveling is not always the easiest, but I'm sure there are more difficult jobs. So go ahead and count on more frequent posts.

The Bamboo Hut Bistro, Melaka

The employees of the 2006/2007 winner of the "Best Restaurant Hotel Outlet Melaka Tourism Award" all wear black T-shirts that read "House of Cocktails."

Sham's Golden Eagle

The multiple drinks menus at The Bamboo Hut Bistro certainly have quite a selection of common beverages, but remain without anything unique and original. If you'd like a signature cocktail here, Sham is the man to make it for you. He's the bartender that will size you up to determine your poison. Sham's a bit of a talker and, among other things, told me that he's come up with fifty to sixty of his own concoctions for those moments when someone wants something a bit different. For me, he mixed me up a drink made with vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, and Ribena berry juice. A bit of a berry Long Island, he calls it a "Golden Eagle," named after the emblem on a pack of Winston cigarettes.

The Mango Daiquiri at Bamboo Hut Bistro

I also gave the Mango daiquiri a taste. Very mango, very blended, and very frothy, the bright orange slushy drink is quite sweet and tasty, but not my cup of tea. I'll stick with one of Sham's creations.

Jason & Sham

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