Table 16


We sat at table 16 at some Indian banana leaf restaurant in the Bangsar area of Kuala Lumpur. I think it was table 16 because of the piece of paper with the number 16 written below some Malay writing left between Rob and I after the waiter took our order. There were five of us total and we ate messy but delicious Indian food off of banana leaves that served as plates.

Bangsar in KL

Banana Leaf meal

I always drink water with a meal and seldom anything else, but in the name of trying something new, I tasted a local favorite: the lime-aid. It's simple. Limes, water, and sugar syrup. The secret, though, is in the type of limes they use. Malaysia has such incredible Kalamanci limes. They're smaller and often not as pretty as the usual variety, but are much more full of tart flavor. Not sweet, a Kalamanci lime yields quite a bit of yellow juice for its size but is also chock full of pits.


Because of their intense flavor, I decided to put together a mojito with Kalamanci limes for Qba, Kuala Lumpur's incredibly popular Latin bar. I also added some freshly pureed mango to really add a local touch. It was much loved by both the local regulars and the international tourists. I find that a nice modification to a classic mojito can really be a good thing.


Sorry I don't have a photo of the mojito, but here are a few of the Lime-Aid for you to look at.


Thanks for reading.