Professional Bar Courses in Bangkok by Joseph Boroski


Courses are geared toward the professional bartender (or those people interested in becoming professional bartenders) but anyone is welcomed to attend. If you or your team are not based in Bangkok, we can arrange special room rates at various price points. Please email with any questions. We are here to help you succeed in your industry or hobby.



Homemade Bitters

Bitters are a classic cocktail ingredient with a somewhat elusive production process requiring careful measures and lots of patience. From dried botanicals and fresh ingredients in a base of high ABV alcohol, bitters introduce a concentration of flavor and aroma to beverages with the smallest of amounts.  This course will teach you how to make your own quality and original bitters to enhance any number of cocktails.

Begins Jan 21, 2018


Bartender Basics

This is an intensive hands-on single class that covers a variety of topics to help you become a professional and efficient bartender. A required prerequisite of most classes at BAR:School, this is a must for the beginner or someone learning new aspects of bartending. 

Begins Jan 22, 2018


Modern Classics

A deep dive into the resurrection of the classic cocktails that led to the diversified selection of today's bar menus. Along side learning how to craft each of the featured classics, you will learn the storied history and background of what you're making and how to best serve the drink to today's updated tastes and preferences.

Begins Jan 22, 2018


Method-Based Cocktail Making

A standard created by Joseph Boroski for his worldwide cocktail training, Method-Based Bartending defines very specific standards for all methods used to make cocktails. This style of learning to make drinks guarantees the highest level of consistency for bartenders reproducing any number of cocktail recipes while developing key behind-the-bar techniques.

Begins Jan 22, 2018